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Hair Extension Training

Do I need Hairdressing qualifications to be able to do a Hair Extension course?

No, you will not need any prior Hairdressing experience to be able to start your new career. We provide you with all of the theory and practical skills you need to be able to carry out your new service efficiently and professionally.

This is one of the reasons why we provide our in-depth theory manuals prior to training day and only teach 2 methods per course for non-Hairdressers – so that we can spend more time concentrating on practical.

We believe that cramming everything in to one day becomes too much - but that is not to say you can not learn more than 2 methods with us, we offer discounted prices for further method training days.

I am a Qualified Hairdresser can I train in more than 2 methods on my training day?

For qualified and experienced Hairdressers we allow you to train in 3 methods on your training day – this is because you will already be familiar with working with the hair and cutting methods. You will also receive discounted course prices for any further method training.

Do you offer intense Hair Extension training courses?

Yes, 2day Intense training courses are available – within those 2 days Non-Hairdressers can learn 4 methods and Hairdressers will be able to learn 5 methods. There is also the option to add a 3rd day in which you can train in one of our Cutting courses.

Do you offer Salon Training?

We certainly can – please contact us for a consultation, we will then be able to provide you with a quote.

What courses do you offer?

The Hair & Beauty Training Beautique currently offer

5 Hair Extension Methods –

Nano Rings

Micro Rings


Micro Fusion

Beaded Sew in Weft

We also offer additional courses & workshops so you further your Hair Extension services –

Cutting & Blow-drying –

Although cutting skills are fully covered in our training courses, some students like to further their skills and techniques. This course will also teach you how to professionally blow dry your client’s hair to give a salon finish.

Suitable for students who have trained elsewhere.

Advanced Cutting, Blow-drying and Styling –

An intense course that will not only further your blending cutting skills, but will allow you to really provide a professional finish

Blending /Cutting Skills

Face Framing Cutting Skills – Including cutting fringes.

Professional Blow-drying Skills

Styling Skills including Curling

Beauty Training

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